Help Make the World a Better Place

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Be kind, friendly and courteous. Respect each other. Strive to help everyone accomplish their safe and healthier plans. Help them get where they are going. Work with each other.

Before 1800, there were very few places with 1 million individuals. London, perhaps a few Chinese or Japanese places. Today there are dozens of places with many times more than 1 million individuals. Some with as many as 20 million individuals living in one urban area.

In order to adapt to this impressive, improve in population density, we must enhance personal mindset in ways that enhance our interdependence. Develop account stability between personal freedom, our family members and neighborhood wellbeing, and our worldwide common wealth.

Practice harmlessness in our company activities. Be fair. Everyone victories in a truly successful company deal. Do their best, work fast, and work smart. Live and function harmoniously with the planet’s biosphere.

Human society is whatever we humans create it.

Actually, I believe there is only one Almighty God, who has sent us detailed instructions about how to arrange personal society. We humans are responsible and accountable for our participation to the improvement of person instinct and the advancement of person society.

Unite all individuals of every country, race and religious beliefs into one worldwide and heavenly society. Teach everyone the same language. The transmutation of elements is a key technology for the growth and growth of a sustainable international economy.

The United Nations is the greatest society that has ever existed on world. It is just a phase in the ongoing progress of person instinct and society. The public and financial oneness, we must attain in the process of awareness the spiritual oneness, the Greatest Peace, in our own hearts, in our family members and native neighborhoods, and throughout personal society.

We are what we eat. Pay attention, eat organic and sensible meals. Supplying our alimentary areas with diet plans of whole meals, will supply an account stability of nutrients for all of the people cells and organs of our systems.

Do not abuse medication. Using medication degrades personal awareness. Medicine is substances that upset organic and healthier Chemistry help of a person living thing.

Drugs can be used for legitimate medical reasons, they can be part of a natural healing therapy, for the same reason they are so harmful when misused. Most illness is a distortion of the chemical comprise of a person living thing, medication can sometimes be used to help restore an account stability of substances in our systems.